At Jas.R.Wheeler Marketing Co. we work primarily with small companies that have made a commitment to turn the financial corner. A team that is committed to taking the company to substantial earnings and want to be in the fast lane...quickly. We know that this is your baby and that you never dreamt of making it small. The Jas.R.Wheeler Marketing Co. team will assist in the development and implementation of  a plan that will not only assure profitability, but the momentum and sizzle that all small companies so desperately need.  

We can help you
_____________________From Soup to Sales


Our team of highly seasoned professionals will help you develop a Sales, Marketing and PR campain designed to reach you short team and long term corporate goals.


Training / Coaching

 A crucial step in the implementation of any successful plan is the hiring, training and coaching of the core team is accomplished in a way that empowers each team member and launches the program in a very systematic manor.



With over 100 years of combined sales experience the Jas.R.Wheeler Marketing Co. team can take the lead or transfer knowledge in a number of sales verticals. The goal is to hit the road running hard and fast.